• Who we are:

    Meet our staff, volenteers, and event managers who make this happen!

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    Ivy (She/Her) Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Ivy's expertise lies in the online community, participation, nerd culture, event managament and fandom. She has been attending conventions since 2013! We would list her many fandoms here, but that alone would take up this paragraph.
    She is a lover of Doctor Who, comics, Animes, and many more!
    Additionally, Ivy posses a strong background of TTRPGs, as she has DMed for 8 years, and started off with a a group of 12!


    Ivy began her online streaming in 2020 with DicecreamSandwich, and has continued to progress into the world of TTRPGs going on to become a professional Dungeon Master. In addition, she helped run, and managed for The Convergence in 2023,


    She has performed on the main stage at Gencon 2021, and continued performing, at both in-person and producing, or appearing diverse range of online events.
    Ivy is a proud board member, as well as PR and tech producer for Rolling For Charity, a 24 hour TTRPG stream started in 2021, and has raised over $20,000 for charities as an event since it's founding!
    Additionally, she acts as PR Coordinator for GeekGirlCon, and a community manager for a wide variety of online communities.


    You can follow Ivy and her projects on her socials: @ GameRaterGirl, and read her interview with Women of TTRPG: HERE
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    Kevin (He/Him) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    Kevin comes from a professional theatre and film acting background starting when he was 16 years old. He has a strong love of film, comic books, anime, and television that he uses for inspiration in his D&D stories.


    Kevin has been DMing since 2020!

    He began his storytelling career on DicecreamSandwich where he created 2 and a half years worth of campaign! He's always viewed the game of Dungeons and Dragons as a player-focused medium. Whenever he comes up with a new story, campaign, or one-shot, he comes at it with the sole objective of "how do I make THIS story fun for THESE players?"


    He has performed on the main stage at Gencon 2021, DMed at DnD In A Castle in 2022, and has since gone on to become a full time content creator, making Dungeon and Dragon content at the Canadian based studio Questline!


    You can find Kevin, and all of his projects by following him @ DicecreamSandwich

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    Geordie (He/Him) Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    Geordie comes from a strong film background, having grown up with two parents heavily involved with helping create movies!

    He has a strong love of Star Wars, and Destiny, as well as cooking!


    Geordie was the first DM for DicecreamSandwich, beginning in 2018, as well as it's first Tech/Producer!


    He has since gone on to produce for almost every DicecreamSandwich show, both on stream, and in-person!

    Geordie was placed in charge of a team of 8 at Gencon 2021 for the main stage Dicecream event, and was stoked to have a team backing him!


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    Milagos (She/They)

    Board Member | Vote Verification


    Milagros is a 23-year-old queer fantasy author and lover of fictional worlds! They achieved their Bachelors, and majored in Writing, Literature, and Publishing!


    They've been playing TTRPGs and streaming on Twitch in various games since early 2021. They are most often featured on twitch playing with Dinner and a Game or The Starfield. When she isn't trying to decide between 20 works in progress or taking notes for another long campaign, she's studying tarot and cuddling her tiny chihuahua.

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    Jesse S (He/Him)

    Graphic Designer


    Jesse is an avid film, theater, and TTRPG nerd, having been DMed in a homegame with CIO; Geordie Rose!

    Jesse, in addition to creating the logo for the CRIT Awards also created the DicecreamSandwich logo!

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    Omega Jones | CriticalBard



    Omega Jones (He/They), also known as the Critical Bard, is a professional actor and vocalist from the Midwest.

    They are a proud member of Actor's Equity Association, he had a focus on live musical theatre & performance until he switched to being a full time content creator on Twitter & Twitch.


    As a TTRPG professional, he has worked with many companies including Wizards of the Coast, World of Darkness, and created the theme song for Critter Hug, a signal boosting monthly show produced by Critical Role.

    His focus in content creation revolves around variety, inclusion, and activism. He is the creator and moderator of the #BLACKAFRoundtable, a series of talks about the realities of racism with the tabletop space & community.

    Some hosting credits include The Weekly with Twitch Gaming & Twitch Rivals: Pride Month Invitational ft. Lil_Lexi. He has appeared as a guest panelist in many spaces, including VirtuousCon, PAX East, the QBExRainbowArcade Summit, & more. He was chosen as one of the QueerInGames finalists for this work as a queer activist in the content creative space, was featured as a face of Twitch Pride 2021, & was a 2022 GaymingAward nominee for LGBTQ+ Streamer of the Year.

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    Gabe Hicks | GabeJamesGames



    Gabe Hicks (He/They) is a game designer, writer, voice actor, author, and entertainer with over 5+ years of experience working on several projects across the TTRPG and Video Game Industry.

    They have worked with Paizo, Critical Role, Steamforged Games, Dimension20, Roll20, and more.

    Leading a group called Mythic Grove, he focuses on highlighting smaller creators to give them a platform and opportunity through streaming, design, writing, or other creative mediums with the projects that Mythic Grove creates.

    Recently they released the book "A Kid's Guide to Tabletop RPG's"!

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    FishFinlee (She/Her)

    Art Contributor

    Fish is an artist and a musician that contributed in our art and design department!

    They are an avid TTRPG player both on stream and off!

    You can find Fish and everything she does by going here: FishFinlee

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    Tanner (He/They)

    Tech | Guy in the chair.

    You know those people, the ones who are always standing in the shadows, right behind the theater curtains, making sure everything turns out just right, while all the performers go and act their hearts out? Thats Tanner, but for the TTRPG online community.


    Tanner has been moderating twitch channels, creating overlays, drawing emotes, and doing all the other odd jobs of the TTRPG community since 2020.


    You can find Tanner and everything they do on their socials: @mythrilwarlock

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    SirFeffers (He/Him)

    Head of Security

    Sir Feffers, an accomplished Professional Game Master is renowned for his five years of online storycraft. In 2022, he slew the Twitch D&D scene, securing a spot in the category's top 1% by captivating audiences with his charismatic and horrific narratives. With a reputation as a thunderous storyteller, Sir Feffers weaves intricate tales that steal players into fantastical realms. He also is the bearer of the golden beard. He said this was important.


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    Brian (He/Him)

    Audio and Visual Technician

    Find all of Brians work HERE

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    Connor E. (He/They)

    Support Specialist

    You can find Connor HERE